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"We never fail when we try to do our duty, we always fail when we neglect to do it."
-Robert Baden-Powell 

Boy Scout Troop 1922 proudly serves Summerwood, Atascocita, Fall Creek and surrounding communities. Troop 1922 began in August 2011 and is growing. Our main focus is to provide opportunities in youth leadership and outdoor activities for our Scouts. Through our active boys, active parents, and active leaders, we maintain a fun, safe environment that teaches our young men the values and morals they need to become outstanding citizens in our community and nation. 

Troop 1922 works on multiple service projects every year and we go camping at least 10 time per year to sites all over the United States (Texas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Colorado, Florida, and more).  

Troop Meetings
- 6:45 pm to 8:30 pm Monday nights (check Upcoming Events)
Where - Lakeside United Methodist Church
- 14303 West Lake Houston Parkway, Humble TX 77346

- at NW corner of West Lake Houston Dr and Broncroft Ct, Summerwood TX
- GPS: 29.933548,-95.176449 

For More information about Troop 1922 please contact Scoutmaster Chris Carter, 713-817-3337


Holiday U.S. Flag Display - Available to residents of Summerwood, Lakeside Terrace, and Summer Lake Ranch

Show your patriotism and support your local BSA Troop! 

To subscribe to or renew our service of placing a U.S. flag in your yard on Memorial Day, Flag Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day, please click https://squareup.com/store/troop-1922/. $30 for 2020 Subcription (4 holidays).

For more information about the troop's Holiday Flag Display service please click ---> here for our flyer.



  Age requirement to join the Boy Scouts:

  Any boy who is 11 years old, or one who has completed the fifth grade, or earned the Arrow of Light Award and is at least 10 years old, but is not yet 18 years old, is welcome to apply.

  Click here for a Youth Application.

Senior Patrol Leader Elections on December 14th!!!

Posted on Nov 17 2020 - 10:06pm

SPL Campaign Speeches:  Monday, December 7th
SPL Election:  Monday, December 14th
Requirements of Senior Patrol Leader for Troop 1922:  
A.  Rank of First Class or Higher
B.  Have completed the National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT) OR at least one of your Assistant Senior Patrol Leaders has completed NYLT.
C.  Identify two Assistant Senior Patrol Leaders in advance; to prevent undue influence over the election and casting of ballots the identity of your chosen Assistant Senior Patrol Leaders may not be advertised, marketed or otherwise known
C.   If elected, Agree to uphold the Oath of Senior Patrol Leader throughout your tenure and regularly conduct Patrol Leaders Council meetings as a means to plan and prepare for Troop Meetings and Scouting Outings.
D.  Obligation to attend at least 2 of the 4 upcoming Weekend Campouts in January, February, April, May and SummerCamp week of June 20-26th (unless sickness or unforeseen circumstances arise)
E.  Complete and submit to Scoutmaster the Required Senior Patrol Leader Candidate Registration Affidavit during or prior to the Campaign Speech (can be submitted during the December 7th Troop Meeting);  Affidavit attached to this announcement.
Positions of Responsibility:
Although the Senior Patrol Leader position is a very challenging and rewarding position there are many other "Positions of Responsibility" available which can also be very rewarding for any Scout who wants to learn various skills and are a requirement for Rank Advancement for the Ranks of Star, Life and Eagle.  If you would like a "Position of Responsibility" you're required to get your name and desired position(s) on the Form to be made available during Turkey Camp and during the December 7th and December 14th Troop meetings.  It is highly suggested that you indicate more than one Position of Responsibility as we can't have 7 Scribes and no Quartermaster, etc.  The form will be available again at the upcoming Troop Meetings and you can email or text message Mr. Carter anytime your preference(s) and he will gladly get your name and preferences on the required Form.  It is the full intention of the Scoutmasters and Committee and the responsibility of the new SPL that if your name is on the form by the SPL Election you will have a Position of Responsibility during the upcoming SPL Cycle which will endure until sometime in August or September.  Whichever Position you choose "Be Prepared" to do it fully and to the best of your ability;  know and understand what your position entails and if any questions ask your SPL or a Scoutmaster!  Scouting is a safe place to learn from your experiences and these positions, while you may not think you'll be the best at it, you can "Do your best" and learn new skills, improve yourself and gain positive experience from a new challenge!
In addition to Senior Patrol Leader below is a list of Positions of Responsibility that count toward Rank Advancement:
Assistant Senior Patrol Leader
Patrol Leader
Den Chief
Order of the Arrow Troop Representative
Bugler (counts toward Star and Life but does NOT count toward Eagle)
Chaplains Aide
Junior Assistant Scoutmaster
Outdoor Ethics Guide
Absentee Ballots on SPL Election Day December 14th, 2020:  
If unable to attend the SPL Election in person you are encouraged to Cast an Absentee Ballot!  You, or your parent, must text your choice for SPL to the Troop 1922 SPL Election Commissioner, Oscar Civallero (281-687-1272) between the hours of 6:00AM CST and 6:30PM CST on Election Day, Monday, December 17th, 2020.  Absentee Ballots received before or after those hours designated or on a different day will not be counted for, toward, or against the Election.  Upon Receipt of your Absentee Ballot by the Election Commissioner you will receive a Reply Confirmation Message confirming your ballot having been received and will be counted according to your designation;  please note it is the sole discretion of the Election Commissioner to validate your identity upon receipt of your Absentee Ballot.  NO MAIL-IN Ballots delivered by USPS, UPS, FEDEX, DHL, AMAZON Prime, Saia LTL Freight, Old Dominion LTL freight nor similar will be accepted, only In-Person or Absentee By Text to the Election Commissioner during stated Absentee Voting Hours will be Accepted and counted in the Final & Certified Vote Tally.

Luke Alvarado Eagle Project Day 1

Posted on Nov 14 2020 - 9:35pm

On Saturday, November 14, many Scouts and Scouters of Troop 1922 got together to work under the direction of Luke Felix Alvarado on his Eagle Scout Project.  We were at the Calvary Baptist Church on Uvalde Road in Houston. 


The Church had a garden area that needed to be refreshed, so we cleaned up the flower beds. 

After that, we shoveled and shoveled sand to level a big area of bare earth.  Then we laid down sod so the area could be a lawn.


The Scouts then cleaned up some big chunks of asphalt in the parking lot.  We also filled in some low spots with the extra sand and did some power washing.  There are still some chores to do at the church to get it in tip-top shape, so Luke is planning the second phase of his Eagle Project.  Stay tuned for additional service opportunities with Luke at Calvary Baptist Church.   

Logan Sileo - Troop 1922 Historian

Turkey Camp Merit Badge Class Assignments -- Camp Pirtle 2020

Posted on Nov 13 2020 - 12:05am

Please see the merit badge class rosters for the Camp Pirtle Turkey Camp 2020.  You likely will have to fully download this file instead of just previewing it to see the tabs at the bottom.  That is where the class names are.  Please check your schedule and get ready for a great Turkey Camp!

2020 Court of Honor

Posted on Nov 8 2020 - 7:12am

On Monday, November 2, Troop 1922 celebrated its 2020 Court of Honor at the Phillip Cezeaux Recreation Building in Humble.  Senior Patrol Leader Conley Carter presided over the ceremony honoring the accomplishments of the troop and individual scouts as well as the guidance and service of our adult leaders and volunteers.  After the opening prayer and presentation of colors, SPL Carter reviewed our troop activities since the last Court of Honor, including leadership and rank training (NYLT-National Youth Leadership Training), service projects (bike assembly for HAAM-Humble Area Assistance Ministries and Eagle service projects for C. Carter, W. Cordova, LT Vaughn and B. Colon), merit badge classes offered by the troop, and several camping trips (Lone Star Trail, Guadalupe Peak/Carlsbad Caverns/Alamo, Camp Urland canoeing & mountain biking).   

Next, scouts were individually recognized for the merit badges they earned since the last Court of Honor.  In all, twenty-six scouts were recognized for earning over 120 badges in the aggregate!  This represents building of skills and experience in numerous, diverse areas such as camping and other outdoor activities, business, the arts, technology, various trades, sports, and other specialized areas.  

Next came the rank advancement ceremony, recognizing the following scouts for their rank advancements:

Scout:  Zachary Bowen, Owen Brawn, Andrew West

Tenderfoot:  Jacob Numan, Jacob Ortiz, Neil Robison

Second Class:  Jonathan Acevedo, Nate Briggs

First Class:  Jonathan Acevedo, Dillon Auguste, Nate Briggs, Alex Glowacki, Logan Sileo, Colby Vaughn

Star:  Diego Civallero, Alex Glowacki, Elijah Pisklak

Life:  Benito Colon, Jack Garcia, Arthur Lopez

Eagle:  Terry Eugene Vaughn III, R. Athan Lejarza III, Kenneth Richard Schoel

Troop Committee Chairman Brett Sileo then gave an update on the activities of the Committee and recognized numerous adult leaders and volunteers for the great time and effort they put in to make our troop activities possible.  Scoutmaster Chris Carter then wrapped up with the Scoutmaster’s Minute reminding us how our scouting experiences will help us succeed in life and updating us on upcoming troop activities like Turkey Camp and HAAM service projects.  After the closing prayer and flag ceremony, the troop, leaders and guests enjoyed refreshments together.  It was a successful Court of Honor program, and the fellowship was enjoyed by all. 

The scouts of Troop 1922 owe a special thank you to the many leaders and parents who coordinated the venue and refreshments, especially Mrs. Sonia Garcia, Mrs. Carlye Glowacki, Ms. Nancy Numan, and Mrs. Maricela Auguste

Logan Sileo – Troop 1922 Historian


See more photos in the 2020 Court of Honor photo album.

Help needed on Veterans Day!

Posted on Nov 7 2020 - 8:48pm

We have a contract with the Summerwood HOA to place all 138 Flags out on Veterans Day!

Please sign up to help in any way you can... morning or evening, either or both is appreciated!

These are not random addresses but there are 4 at each intersection and the 60 along West Lake Houston Parkway.

If your vehicle can only accommodate 4 or 8 or 24 just specify on the Notes on Signup!

Mr. Carter will divide out the flags and set the routes based upon any note of your availability you write on the Notes on the Signup.

Thanks to everyone in advance,


Camp Urland Canoeing & Mountain Biking Adventure

Posted on Nov 1 2020 - 9:27am

On Friday, October 9, 18 Scouts and Scouters from Troop 1922 ventured to Camp Urland in the Three Rivers Council  DEEEEEEEEEP in the East Texas Piney Woods of Woodville, Texas for a weekend of camping, canoeing, and mountain biking.  When we arrived midday Friday, it was raining, so we headed out on our first canoe trip rather than setting up camp. Hurricane Delta was hitting Louisiana to our east, but it had a far enough reach to make our canoeing more exciting with some pelting rain and windswept choppy water. The rain let up Friday night and we were able to set up camp and enjoy the evening with a campfire and a nice hot taco dinner.  Saturday, we awoke to Mr. Carter’s bullhorn reveille reverberating through the formerly halcyon morning air. We headed out on an awesome mountain biking trail riding about 4 miles through the forest.We arrived back at camp in time for lunch sandwiches and a whole lot of work on rank advancements.  By early afternoon, we were ready for more adventures on the lake so we headed out on our second canoe trip. The water was calm but the canoe rides were rocky as we had a lot of fun practicing how to handle tipped and flipped canoes. Many scouts also worked on rank requirements for water rescue skills.  Everyone had their life jackets on so we were in good shape. We finally headed back to camp for campfire building practice (including campfire boiled eggs) followed by another delicious hot taco dinner. Sunday morning, there was a dense fog but Mr. Carter’s bullhorn reveille cut through it like a hot knife through butter. After a Pop Tart breakfast (forget Wheaties, Pop Tarts are the breakfast of Troop 1922 champions!), we headed out on our second mountain bike ride.  On this trip, we visited the historic Anderson family cemetery from the 1880s and saw many very old gravestones. We returned to camp, packed up and headed back home. We look forward to more Camp Urland adventures one of these days, maybe even during the next hurricane season! 

Logan Sileo – Troop 1922 Historian

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