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"We never fail when we try to do our duty, we always fail when we neglect to do it."
-Robert Baden-Powell 

Boy Scout Troop 1922 proudly serves Summerwood, Atascocita, Fall Creek and surrounding communities. Troop 1922 began in August 2011 and is growing. Our main focus is to provide opportunities in youth leadership and outdoor activities for our Scouts. Through our active boys, active parents, and active leaders, we maintain a fun, safe environment that teaches our young men the values and morals they need to become outstanding citizens in our community and nation. 

Troop 1922 works on multiple service projects every year and we go camping at least 10 time per year to sites all over the United States (Texas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Colorado, Florida, and more).  

Troop Meetings
- 6:45 pm to 8:30 pm Monday nights (check Upcoming Events)
Where - Lakeside United Methodist Church
- 14303 West Lake Houston Parkway, Humble TX 77346

- at NW corner of West Lake Houston Dr and Broncroft Ct, Summerwood TX
- GPS: 29.933548,-95.176449 

For More information about Troop 1922 please contact Scoutmaster Chris Carter, 713-817-3337


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To subscribe to or renew our service of placing a U.S. flag in your yard on Memorial Day, Flag Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day, please click https://troop-1922-109652.square.site. $45 for each Subscription (4 holidays).

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  Age requirement to join the Boy Scouts:

  Any boy who is 11 years old, or one who has completed the fifth grade, or earned the Arrow of Light Award and is at least 10 years old, but is not yet 18 years old, is welcome to apply.

  Click here for a Youth Application.

Brazos Bend Scouting Outing

Posted on Oct 17 2023 - 4:00pm


At Brazos bend we went on a long hike. On the hike we stopped at a nature center and saw snakes and baby alligators. We also saw an alligator in the water. In the night we went to the observatory and saw Saturn rings and lots of stars.

Popcorn sales

Posted on Oct 10 2023 - 8:14pm

 Gianni was the top seller for popcorn sales this week.

Rank advancement 10/09/23

Posted on Oct 10 2023 - 8:06pm

Rank up pictures

2023 ILST training

Posted on Jan 29 2023 - 7:26pm


At ILST Zach the ASPL did the first module mainly about SMART goals. He gave an understanding of what a smart goals are and scouts were able to apply them to troop goals. 


After Zach’s module we had a 15-minute break. 

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Module 2 lead by Jacob Ortiz the ASPL was about communication and teamwork. We played games that  gave us a better understanding of what he was discussing. 


After the games we had pizza for lunch.

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Jacob wrapped up with videos about preparing for patrol meetings and utilizing the edge method.

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T1922 Eagles Assemble to Take Eagle Charge!

Posted on Jan 29 2023 - 7:26pm

During our January 9th Troop Meeting an abbreviated Court of Honor was conducted for three Troop 1922 Eagle Scouts to recognize their achievement, receive the Eagle Charge and make the Eagle Promise.

The Eagle Rank Honorees included:
⦁ Troop 1922's 7th Eagle Scout: Timothy Joseph Barrett, Jr. (9-24-2019)
⦁ Troop 1922's 8th Eagle Scout: Zachary Scott Davenport (9-24-2019)
⦁ Troop 1922's 10th Eagle Scout: Kenneth Richard Schoel (5-13-2020)

Giving the Eagle Charge was Troop 1922's 14th Eagle Scout, Benito Emanuel Colon Mercado and all present Eagle Scouts, adults and youth alike assembled to take the Eagle Promise given by Scoutmaster Carter.
The three Eagle Scouts earned the Rank just prior to and in the early months of the Covid Pandemic and did not get the opportunity for a Court of Honor to publicly recognize their achievement to Scouting's highest Rank.
As of this Ceremony there are 18 Eagle Scouts in Troop 1922's storied history since its founding in 2011; the Scoutmasters and Committee are excited to congratulate more Eagle Rank achievements in 2023!!!

Pictured below are all the Troop 1922 Eagles that were present to congratulate the three Honorees of the Ceremony!

Left to right: Justin Kevin Impelman (18th Eagle), Alexander Elias Abercia (17th Eagle), Luke Felix Alvarado (15th Eagle), Conley Paul Carter (13th Eagle), Benito Emanuel Colon Mercado (14th Eagle), Kenneth Richard Schoel (10th Eagle), Timothy Joseph Barrett, Jr. (7th Eagle), Zachary Scott Davenport (8th Eagle)
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January Campout at Ratcliff Recreational Area

Posted on Jan 27 2023 - 6:34pm

Saturday morning when we got up it was cold and we made breakfast. Some had pancakes and bacon while others had bacon and eggs. Then we covered orienteering things like basic map reading, how to measure a tree with a small stick, and how to use a compass.

After lunch, there was an interpatrol competition to see who could pull a log up a hill without touching it with any body parts. The Biting Barracudas won by 6 seconds.

Next we did an orienteering course set up by the Scoutmasters and Logan Sileo. We used the skills we learned in the morning to navigate a mile plus long course. 

After dinner, we did a flag retirement where we learned we need to retire the flag cutting scissors as well.

Sunday morning we planned to do a Polar Bear Plunge in the lake but everyone chickened out. We were too cold.

Three Scouts worked very hard and completed their last requirements including Scoutmaster Conference for 1st Class. Way to go Owen Brawn, Dean Medgaarden, and John Medgaarden.

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