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"We never fail when we try to do our duty, we always fail when we neglect to do it."
-Robert Baden-Powell 

Boy Scout Troop 1922 proudly serves Summerwood, Atascocita, Fall Creek and surrounding communities. Troop 1922 began in August 2011 and is growing. Our main focus is to provide opportunities in youth leadership and outdoor activities for our Scouts. Through our active boys, active parents, and active leaders, we maintain a fun, safe environment that teaches our young men the values and morals they need to become outstanding citizens in our community and nation. 

Troop 1922 works on multiple service projects every year and we go camping at least 10 time per year to sites all over the United States (Texas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Colorado, Florida, and more).  

Troop Meetings
- 6:45 pm to 8:30 pm Monday nights (check Upcoming Events)
Where - Lakeside United Methodist Church
- 14303 West Lake Houston Parkway, Humble TX 77346

- at NW corner of West Lake Houston Dr and Broncroft Ct, Summerwood TX
- GPS: 29.933548,-95.176449 

For More information about Troop 1922 please contact Scoutmaster Chris Carter, 713-817-3337


Holiday U.S. Flag Display - Available to residents of Summerwood, Lakeside Terrace, and Summer Lake Ranch

Show your patriotism and support your local BSA Troop! 

To subscribe to or renew our service of placing a U.S. flag in your yard on Memorial Day, Flag Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day, please click https://troop-1922-109652.square.site. $45 for 2022 Subcription (4 holidays).

For more information about the troop's Holiday Flag Display service please click ---> here for our flyer.



  Age requirement to join the Boy Scouts:

  Any boy who is 11 years old, or one who has completed the fifth grade, or earned the Arrow of Light Award and is at least 10 years old, but is not yet 18 years old, is welcome to apply.

  Click here for a Youth Application.

Canoeing, Flag Ceremonies, Knots and More at Camp Urland!

Posted on Sep 19 2022 - 5:42pm


Our September campout was attended by 18 Scouts at Camp Urland just under 2 hours from home. 

Upon arrival on Friday night, Scouts set up tents by patrol and then a PLC meeting was held to talk about Saturday activities. 

On Saturday, Scouts were awakened at 6:30 AM by Scoutmaster Carter's trusty bullhorn.  After patrols cooked hearty breakfast of pancakes, eggs, sausage, bacon, breakfast tacos and fruit, we spent the morning Canoeing on the lake.  Diego C taught us about different parts of the canoe and paddling.  Scouts learned and demonstrated safe water rescue techniques and line rescues.  Scoutmaster Carter taught us how to flip over capsized canoes, this of course was after he dumped the scouts out of the canoe! 




After lunch, SPL Jonathan and Patrol Leader Diego led us in our knot stations for rank advancement.  Some of the knots we learned were bowline, square and clove hitch.  Several Scouts worked on 2nd and 1st class cooking requirements and dinner was a hit with ground beef and rice, chicken and rice, chicken nachos, and chicken alfredo. 


Closing flag ceremony was held before Saturday night campfire where s'mores were made.  We also conducted a flag retirement and performed patrol skits.  Sunday morning after breakfast we organized chuck boxes, practiced our Troop flag ceremony and cleaned up camp.  Overall, the campout was good and Scouts worked on Canoe merit badges and lots of rank advancements.


This Troop 1922 World News & View article brought to you by the Troop Historian DM and Webmaster BB!

Senior Patrol Leader Elections on August 15th!!

Posted on Aug 10 2022 - 6:32am
This upcoming Monday August 15th Troop Meeting will not only be our SummerCamp 2023 elections but also our SPL Elections!!! 
The Two Senior Patrol Leader Candidates in Alphabetical Order:
Jonathan Andrew Acevedo
Dilon Jude Auguste
It is Imperative to be On-Time for this Troop Meeting & Election!
Absentee Ballots on SPL Election Day August 15th, 2021:  
If unable to attend the SPL Election in person you are encouraged to Cast an Absentee Ballot!  You, or your parent, must text your choice for SPL to the Troop 1922 SPL Election Commissioner, Dennis Peter Brawn "Pete", at 330-212-6502 between the hours of 6:00AM CST and 6:30PM CST on Election Day, Monday, August 15th, 2021.  Absentee Ballots received before or after those hours designated or on a different day will not be counted for, toward, or against the Election.  Upon Receipt of your Absentee Ballot by the Election Commissioner you will receive a Reply Confirmation Message confirming your ballot having been received and will be counted according to your designation;  please note it is the sole discretion of the Election Commissioner to validate your identity upon receipt of your Absentee Ballot.  NO MAIL-IN Ballots delivered by USPS, UPS, FEDEX, DHL, AMAZON Prime, Saia LTL Freight, Old Dominion LTL freight nor similar will be accepted, only In-Person or Absentee By Text to the Election Commissioner during stated Absentee Voting Hours will be Accepted and counted in the Final & Certified Vote Tally.
Positions of Responsibility:
Although the Senior Patrol Leader position is a very challenging and rewarding position there are many other "Positions of Responsibility" available which can also be very rewarding for any Scout who wants to learn various skills and are a requirement for Rank Advancement for the Ranks of Star, Life and Eagle.  If you would like a "Position of Responsibility" you're required to get your name and desired position(s) on the Form to be made available during August 1st and August 15th Troop Meetings.  It is highly suggested that you indicate more than one Position of Responsibility as we can't have 7 Scribes and no Quartermaster, etc.  The form will be available again at the upcoming Troop Meeting and you can email or text message Mr. Carter anytime your preference(s) and he will gladly get your name and preferences on the required Form.  It is the full intention of the Scoutmasters and Committee and the responsibility of the new SPL that if your name is on the form by the SPL Election you will have a Position of Responsibility during the upcoming SPL Cycle which will endure until sometime in early December.  Whichever Position you choose "Be Prepared" to do it fully and to the best of your ability;  know and understand what your position entails and if any questions ask your SPL or a Scoutmaster!  Scouting is a safe place to learn from your experiences and these positions, while you may not think you'll be the best at it, you can "Do your best" and learn new skills, improve yourself and gain positive experience from a new challenge!
In addition to Senior Patrol Leader below is a list of Positions of Responsibility that count toward Rank Advancement:
Assistant Senior Patrol Leader
Patrol Leader
Den Chief
Order of the Arrow Troop Representative
Bugler (counts toward Star and Life but does NOT count toward Eagle)
Chaplains Aide
Junior Assistant Scoutmaster
Outdoor Ethics Guide

T1922 Scouts Scout out Lone Star Trail and Double Lake!

Posted on Aug 6 2022 - 4:19pm

On Saturday two of Troop 1922's Life Scout Ranked Scouts showed Scout Spirit once again, as they always do, to help some newer Troop 1922 Members satisfy some Rank Requirements in map+compass Navigation with the EDGE Method by leading their fellow Scouts out to Scout about and Scout out parts of the Lone Star Trail and take a short swim in the lake at Double Lake Recreation Area DEEP in the Sam Houston National Forest out in San Jacinto County!

Famed and Fearless Philmont Crew 717-M Returns from Colfax County!!

Posted on Jul 30 2022 - 10:00pm



The 10 members of the Famed & Fearless Philmont Crew 717-M all returned safely from Colfax County, New Mexico on Saturday evening!


The Crew members recounted great stories of encountering and seeing live bears, raining nearly every day, heavy hail storms on 3 different days, unparalleled and pristine views of The Milky Way, watching a weasel eat a chipmunk for lunch, and of course, climbing Philmont's tallest point, Mount Baldy.  There are countless other stories and memories untold yet by each of the 10 participants that will be forever etched in each their own storybooks;  particularly how they all worked as a team to complete together the daily challenges including but not limited to:  navigating the trails, the tasks, meal preparations, meal packing, unpacking, setting up, folding down, raising up & lowering down tents & bearbags, backpacks, sleeping bags & pads, encountering everchanging weather on a nearly hourly basis but most importantly they're going to memorialize the countless, endless, and immeasurable rewards and personal satisfaction that comes only through such teamwork and camaraderie that is instilled with each of us in the Scout Oath and Law, "To help other people at ALL times", particularly and especially when we're tired, sore, achy, hungry or just don't feel like we can or want to, it's what we have to do, it's just the nature of what we all, as Scouts, do when we take the Oath as we repeat the Oath and Law routinely, and often, at every Troop Meeting, every Scouting Outing, and in our daily lives in and out of Scouting.  


Enroute home the Crew visited the Capulin Volcano in New Mexico, then before eating a heart-healthy meal at The BIG Texan Steakranch they stopped at the Route 66 Cadillac Ranch and discovered The Scout Cake painted near the famed Cadillacs!  


On behalf of the Scoutmasters and Committee congratulations to each participant on a job well done.

May the rewards of your sacrifices to prepare, attend, do, conquer and succeed in the Trek, the memories and friendships and bonds you've each made between yourselves be cherished the rest of your lives!


Famed and Fearless Philmont Crew 717-M Departs for Colfax County!!

Posted on Jul 16 2022 - 6:25pm

On Saturday morning, 7 Scouts and 3 Adult Leaders from Troop 1922 headed out west for their trek at Philmont Scout Ranch in Cimarron, NM - the Boy Scouts of America's premier High Adventure base. 

On Sunday July 17th they'll check-in at BaseCamp just south of Cimarron, New Mexico DEEP in Colfax County!  With one youth Eagle Scout, one Adult Eagle Scout, One First Class Ranked Scout, One Star Scout and almost all of T1922's Life Scouts they're sure to reach high elevations as a unified Crew when they start their strenuous 63+-mile journey Monday morningDEEP into and then through the rugged outback of the mountains, heading toward and over Baldy Mountain, with an altitude of well over 12,000 feet. 

This 214 square mile area of northern New Mexico wilderness will be their home for 12 challenging and fun-filled days, full of beautiful scenery, special programs, and even conservation projects! 

We wish our Scouts and Scouters an awesome experience at Philmont, safe travels, and we'll be anxious to hear all of their stories of adventure, teamwork and friendship when they return! 

Get Excited... below is a Photo of Mount Baldy with it's peak at 12,441 Feet above Sea Level with Scouts in foreground hiking in the Miranda Meadows toward the Staffed Campsite Miranda!




April 30th Eagle Scout Court of Honor

Posted on Apr 18 2022 - 4:01pm

Honoring 5 Troop 1922 Eagle Scouts:  

Alexander Elias Abercia

Luke Felix Alvarado

Conley Paul Carter

Benito Emanuel Colon

Elijah Vincent Pisklak

Scouts are encouraged to participate and help is needed! T1922 Scout families are all cordially invited to attend!

Please register your attendance on TroopMaster and contact Jack Ryan Garcia to find out how you can "Help other people at ALL times"!, with setup and/or program participation.

Note:  There is a Rehearsal on Saturday, April 23rd at 2PM at the St George Orthodox Church (event location). Those with Flag Duty and/or Speaking Roles must attend!

Download Full Invitation with Parking Details below....


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